Financial and administrative support

  • Collection – We support and advise our client with their collection and recovery processes, from the due date of the invoice until pre-litigation.
  • General Accounting  – According to the national and international guidelines, particularly to IFRS regulations. Bank reconciliation, fixed asset registry, results calculation and preparation of monthly and annual accounts.
  • Cost Accounting – We define and implement cost accounting systems, which may include the opening of cost accounts, investments and results, enabling to measure profitable areas, detailed by customer, department, product line, etc. (In line with the Customer and in full coordination with the General Accounting).
  • Fixed Assets  – We classify the asset and its effective inspection at intervals to be agreed with the Client (annually).
  • Tax – We act pre-emptively to implement a comprehensive tax planning. We guarantee the fulfilment of all fiscal obligations, like tax payment, reporting obligations, VAT, IRC, IMI, IMT, IS withholding and Social Security.
  • Treasury – We offer support services to management, according to its own model, with proven success in most Clients.