About J.A.T.

The focus of our service is a permanent business monitoring, in a highly professional environment, while emphasizing the informality in business relationships.

We intend to provide advisory to our clients through our Global Consulting Services:

  • Budgetary tools definition (customized);
  • Monitoring and Analysis of Budget Implementation;
  • Identification of critical business, economic, financial and organizational areas;
  • Decision-making support;
  • Implementation and monitoring of: Annual Plan and Budget, Multi-Annual Strategic Development Plans, Investment Projects, Financing Projects (particularly regarding types of financial products and negotiation);
  • Strategic Marketing Plans – Portuguese, EU and Third Countries markets, particularly Portuguese-speaking countries or of residence of Portuguese communities and following generations (Portuguese origin), active in over 120 countries;
  • Organizational systems design;
  • Preparation of management monitoring reports, periodically, with the timeframe adjusted to each situation, particularly Tableaux de Board, defining KPIs or Balanced Scorecards in an ongoing perspective to delineate the strategic positioning of each customer of JAT – José Alarcão Troni & Associados, Consultoria Global Lda.

We use the format and the language defined by the Client, assuring strict compliance of deadlines.